Membrane Switch

For feedback you can really feel, consider using metal dome switches. Metal domes provide a crisp snap when pushed and help your customers confidently know the button was pushed. So no matter the required specification, rest assured Xymox will collaborate with you to determine the best dome choice for your application. One of the best ways to enhance customer experiences with your products is to add simple backlighting solutions to your designs. Bulky, problematic systems with hundreds of fiber optics are now a thing of the past. Xymox backlighting kits help you save space with the LEDs and conductive screen printing all on one sheet of polyester.

membrane keypad

For harsh environment applications where a membrane switch may be exposed to water, dust, extreme temperatures, and harsh cleaners, the XyWeld® sealed switch is the best solution! The Xymox XyWeld® spacer involves a specialty adhesive bonded with a proprietary heat-activated process to yield a spacer that is much more robust than a standard PSA. Of any of these three HMI options, membrane switches offer the best price point. Again, since they are so much easier to produce , they prove the lowest per-piece price and also the lowest tooling costs. Instead of trying to convince you to only depend on membrane switches, the following considers their advantages more to illustrate ways they could complement your HMI product.

Polyester is also more difficult to die cut resulting in more frequent reblading of steel rule dies. However, for greater diffusion a matte or textured surface finish is preferred. LED’s cannot come through the active area of a tactile switch, although graphically they can be made to appear as a part of the switch. Embossing can be used with either tactile or non-tactile switches but pillow embossing alone does not give a tactile response. We can supply anything from low cost prototypes to high production volumes, all at competitive prices. Please liên hệ our sales team who will be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

A membrane switch is a touch sensitive device created by the printing, cutting and laminating of precision thin film plastic materials. Low-voltage, low-current momentary electrical tương tác is made and retained by applying finger-tip force to the front surface of the switch. Bex Design have gained an enviable reputation as one of the leading membrane switch and keypad manufacturers in the UK. We have the skills and extensive experience to produce the many different types of membrane switches demanded by customers world-wide.

By combining keypads with metal and plastic domes, adhesive layering can genuinely create an enhanced keystroke experience. Membrane switches may be categorized as user-equipment interface utilities, which are simply utilities that allow users to successfully communicate commands to electronic devices. They should not be confused with mechanical switches, which are composed of plastic parts and copper instead of a circuit and a substrate.

It can be used as an indicative sign panel in the keyless operation area, and can also be used as a lining for membrane switches to increase its hardness. In the Stock Membrane Switch catalog you will find design layouts, specs, and part numbers for anything from single-key layouts through 40-key layouts. Stock switches are available with metal domes or no dome layouts, and with or without a Berg connector.