A Universal Testing Machine is used to test both the tensile and compressive

strength of materials. Universal Testing Machines are named as such because they can perform many different varieties of tests on an equally diverse range of materials, components, and structures. Most UTM models are modular and can be adapted to fit the customer’s needs. The Hydraulic universal test machine is intended mainly for testing ferrous samples, it will also tư vấn compression testing up to the machines maximum load rating. Most UTM models are modular, and can be adapted to fit the customer’s needs.

Such expansions in the oil and gas and power generation industries can increase the demand for NDT equipment during the forecast period. For more information, or any query related to quality testing instruments, please connect with our customer care team at The machine enables an easy user experience with a HMI touchscreen display and feather-like touch. The screen allows the user to set test parameters, view test values during and after the test, and record test memories for future reference.

bottle cap torque tester

Strain measurements can be done directly from the extensometer fitted to the specimen. Advanced software and frame design for just about any test in a wide range of materials. This is the 100th anniversary of manufacturing Shimadzu testing machines. If you would lượt thích to speak with our highly qualified in-house engineering team about our dynamic testing machine range, give us a call. Tensile testers are used to test the strength of a sample part or component and allow manufacturers to see exactly what level of stress will cause it to fail. AE events were monitored over 0–512kHz of the frequency specimen.

We focus on the packaging, paper, pulp, plastic film, foil, ink, coatings, nonwovens, adhesives, and corrugated industries. And we offer a large range of precise instruments by application, test property, or standard. The set-up and usage are detailed in a test method, often published by a standards organization. This specifies the sample preparation, fixturing, gauge length , analysis, etc. Means of measuring extension or deformation – Many tests require a measure of the response of the test specimen to the movement of the cross head.

The cylinder of the dynamometer is also of self – lubricating design. The deflection of the pendulum represents the absolute load applied on the test specimen. Return movement of the pendulum is effectively damped to absorb energy in the sự kiện of sudden breakage of the specimen. As a rule of thumb, load cells work best between 5-95% of their posted range. The situation is slightly different at the higher end where the risk of damaging the load cell increases substantially as the load approaches the maximum capacity of the LC. The picture above shows the historical Galdabini manufacturing plant during the second world war in the 1940’s.

A sturdy bench top mounted unit for applying torque to failure on metal specimens. 30Nm torque is applied via the moment head to differing material test… Statistical analysis of the test results along with facility to export data to Excel. The analogue type HR-210MR uses an automatic presetting dial gauge which makes it easy to operate. Digital models HR-320MS and HR-430MR/MS can use our Digimatic Mini-processor (DP-1VR) for printing results, and you can use an input tool (USB-ITN-E) to connect to a PC for data transfer, analysis and storage.

MTI offered the first biaxial strain sensor in 1979, and continues to provide our advanced designs to users throughout the world. User friendly multi-channel signals conditioners have also long been one of our standard products. The VantageNX Universal Testing Machine is a powerful tool that can be equipped to meet a variety of materials testing needs. Many fixtures and grips are available for tensile testing, COF and other tests for the plastic film, flexible packaging, food packaging, paper, paperboard, tissue paper, textiles testing, and many other industries. This universal materials testing frame can be setup for many tests when combined with the right grips and fixtures. Qiantong main scope of testing machine Electronic universal material testing machine, Horizontal tension testing machine, Hydraulic universal testing machine, MFI, Charpy …